Professor Lichtman, who correctly predicted the results of the 5 US elections, made a prediction

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A professor from Washington, Allan Lichtman, who had previously absolutely correctly predicted the victory of 5 American presidents, made a forecast for the presidential elections, which are scheduled for November.

Lichtman uses his own 13 Keys system, CNN reports. In the developed methodology, the following factors are assessed for each candidate, as well as trends in many areas: economics, position held, personal charisma of candidates, social unrest with scandals and rallies, and much more. “The secret is to keep an eye on the big picture. And do not pay attention to polls, analytics, daily ups and downs of the rating, “- said the professor.

This time, Lichtman predicts a victory for Democratic candidate Joe Biden.

Earlier it became known that President Trump, and according to most polls, lags behind Joe Biden. Moreover, the lag is also observed in places that until recently were considered a reliable stronghold of the Republicans – the wealthy white suburbs of megacities. It was decided in the White House that only politically resonant measures can turn the tide of the pre-election struggle.

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