Printing Scintillating Rigid Box Packaging for Premium Stationery Products

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Want your high-end stationery items to get instantly and widely noticed by the customers? An original and gripping packaging idea would leave the shoppers hooked to your offers. Beguiling boxes displaying fountain pens, calendars, and paper clips would incline the customers to explore all your product range.

Utilize the packaging astutely for endorsing the individuality of your brand. Aesthetically appealing boxes would give potential buyers a hunch that your offers are of the highest quality. Inviting and interactive packaging would play a significant role in influencing the perception and purchase intent of consumers.

Describe the distinctive features of items in a persuasive manner on the boxes. Rigid box packaging is a reliable and riveting solution for pitching your offers. The boxes are enduring and can be custom-made in your favored stock, style, and size. You can have gift packaging printed to market the items as corporate giveaways.

The boxes can assist you with boosting sales and improving customer outreach, but they should be designed and printed with the right elements. You must seek the guidance and services of a professional and skilled printer for personalizing your packaging. There are many vendors’ options available on the internet and in the local market.

Don’t sign up with a printing provider without evaluating its service aspects.

“The Legacy Printing” A Rigid Box Manufacturer You Can Rely on

This online packaging manufacturing company has been catering to the printing needs of a diverse clientele that includes all sorts of businesses across the United States. The printer has effectively assisted many struggling brands with earning recognition in the market by providing them impactful box solutions.

The box supplier has a competent team with a professional and genial attitude. You are likely to receive gratifying and proactive experience throughout your interactions with the sales, support, and production staff.

The printer endeavors to give innovative packaging services to its clients; it understands the importance of keeping pace with the most recent trends and techniques. The printing provider is familiar with the new and popular box templates in different industries, and you don’t have to worry about showing samples or elucidating your requirements.

Over the period of time, the packaging expert has managed to build rapport with the customers that consist of retail, food, CBD, and other companies. If you want to brand through custom boxes, tell the graphic designers about your goals, and they will help you make the most out of your packaging.

The printer has different stock, layout, and customization choices for rigid setup boxes. Talk to the production team about the die-cut shapes, printing materials, and finishing details you are interested in. Ask the sales staff for guidelines if you don’t have enough know-how about the stocks and printing processes.

You should get familiar with cardboard, paper stock, and kraft specs to know which one would best suit your product. Seek information about two full-color and digital techniques so that you don’t have a hard time deciding on the material for packaging. View samples on the website or ask the printing provider to send them before getting your bulk order printed.

The Legacy Printing will get your rigid gift boxes wholesale printed and delivered in 10-12 days. The packaging boxes are meticulously checked by the QA department so that the items you receive are of ultimate finesse. Shipping services are quick and don’t include any handling charges.

Below are the tips on how to print engrossing packaging for luxury stationery!

Design of Boxes should be Creatively Compelling

Boring or bland packaging for stationery goods would lead to the onlookers ignoring your offers. So, you should have the boxes made with colorful imagery and catchy content. Have your brand’s name and logo embossed on packaging with a shiny font.

Packaging with Lids or Magnetic Closure

Boxes for bundled items and gift sets can be made with lids or magnetic closure as these packaging styles are user-friendly. Ask the printer to show you more alternatives. Raised ink, UV coating, foil stamping, window, and glossy/matte lamination are some custom options you can consider for the boxes.

Add a Winsome Touch to the Boxes

You can use humor, amusing themes, and other ideas to make the packaging enrapturing and worth keeping. For instance, list down the history of fountain pen and other items and their evolution over the years. Endorse a social, environmental, or charitable cause on the boxes to tell customers about your brand’s responsible and soft side. 

Boxes for limited edition and exclusive items can be made engaging by listing features of the duo, trio, and other sets you are selling. Tell buyers about the durable things and value for money. Provide your social media and contact details on packaging so that shoppers can connect with your team to get restock alerts and share feedback about your latest offers.

Boxes should be Spacious and Sustainable

Packaging should offer good storage space to prevent the items from being tampered by shock, moisture, and heat. Have the rigid gift boxes wholesale customized in varying sizes for storing different products. The packaging style should be simple to open, close, and carry for the consumers.

Take a dig at the box shapes that are appealing and user-oriented at the same time. Bigger packaging boxes for special offers would grab the attention of the customers. You can add glam to the packaging by attaching ribbons and greeting cards at the top.

Boxes can be printed using biodegradable stock if you want to contribute your share toward minimizing land waste. Two-color printing is used for manufacturing the kraft packaging. CMYK technique is a great way to enhance the outlook and shelf-life of your boxes.

If you want to retain buyers’ interest in your brand and offers, revamp your packaging after every three months. You don’t have to make major tweaks to give the boxes a streak of newness; just change the design and content a bit. Packaging must have your store locations and official website’s URL so that shoppers don’t have a hard time finding your outlet and placing orders online.