Primitive people could hibernate in winter

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This was shown by the analysis of their remains

In one of the Spanish caves, a large number of remains of primitive people, mostly teenagers, were discovered. As determined by scientists, the age of the finds is four hundred and thirty thousand years.

A team of specialists from Spain and Greece examined the remains and found that these people were deficient in vitamin D, and the organisms showed signs of intermittent growth. This happens with a long stay in the dark. Scientists have suggested that this may be due to the fact that ancient people had the ability to hibernate during the cold season, especially since they lived during the ice age. Many mammals have retained this ability, and researchers do not exclude that modern humans also have a genetic ability and physiological mechanism, although they are not used.

Of course, so far these are only preliminary conclusions and the hypothesis needs further substantiation, but the discovery certainly deserves attention, the Nauka TV channel reports.

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