Poverty rates fall on Sakhalin

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Sakhalin Oblast is better at reducing poverty than other regions of Russia. At the beginning of the year, there were 20,792 low-income island residents. Now the level of provision of citizens has increased, 3810 people are excluded from the lists of the poor. This result became possible thanks to the introduction of new social support measures worth about one billion rubles. Families with children from three to seven years old, who are constrained in funds, began to receive eight thousand rubles a month.
Maternity capital in the island region (150 thousand rubles) is now paid for each first child, regardless of the mother’s age. The amount for the appearance of a second child has grown to 250 thousand rubles.
Families with five or more children receive funds (up to one million rubles) to buy cars. This year 44 families have taken advantage of this opportunity.
The state helped 440 families to improve their living conditions.

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