Post-COVID-19 Wedding trends to look out for in 2020

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Without doubt,  the recent Covid-19 pandemic shook every section of human lifestyles and celebration by storm, and wedding ceremonies were not an exception. In many regions of the world, wedding receptions were cancelled, digital presence became the new normal for friends and families keenly willing to witness the wedding ceremony. 


While the conventional method of celebrating a wedding has over the past month given way to the new trends of wedding globally. We thought it will be necessary to highlight the new wedding trendings in 2020. 


Sending wedding greetings takes a post-Covid-19 dimension 


Due to the global restriction of large gatherings to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a surge increase in the use of electronic medium of greetings to congratulate couples during and after wedding ceremonies and anniversaries.  Millions of people in the UK and the US send more specially customised Charity wedding anniversary ecards to celebrants. With this, millions of people not only congratulate friends but also donate to noble courses on their behalf.  


Sustainable weddings became the new normal in 2020


Having a sustainable and ethical wedding has been a huge topic for debate since the beginning of 2020. 


A lot of wedding and event planners in recent time promote ethical wedding ceremonies. Many of them came up with eco-friendly options for couples to adopt in 2020. The central idea is to contribute to nature by helping to reduce carbon footprint and reducing the amount of plastic used in weddings. These trends will definitely continue in 2021.


Wedding planners encouraged couples to have their weddings in locations with natural beautiful trees, lakes sides flowers e.t.c 


Desserts tables and vegan cakes 


Recently, a cake designer had revealed that vegan cakes are becoming top on the list of requests in wedding ceremonies.  


Therefore, if you’re planning your wedding in 2020 or 2021 be sure to include vegan cakes in the list of orders on your dessert tables. 


This will be a good impression for your vegan friends. The couples going out of their way to look after them. According to dessert experts, the most consumed vegan cakes in wedding parties include vanilla Victoria sponge and lemon, chocolate sponge. 


Statement veils now trending in 2020


Thanks to Hailey Bieber who brought the concept into the limelight after the internet went wild for her veil embroidered “Till Death Do Us Part”. Elli Goulding also has the initials C and E (for Casper and Ellie) embroidered on her wedding veil.


 Many international celebrities have begun to adopt the concept of embroidering words on their veils. 


Veil embodiment will be the new normal in most 2021 weddings. 


Digital Audience in wedding 


Digital wedding audiences are becoming trends in 2020. Families and friends are now advised to join the wedding celebration through video platforms like zoom, skype e.t.c 


Digital is good for two basic reasons, it is cost-efficient and safe for the audience friends, families do not need to travel a long distance to attend weddings, hundreds of people can do that at the comfort of their homes. 


Movies tracks become the new wedding music trends 


An agency that specialises on booking live bands for weddings and events in the US, reveals that more than ten thousand couples demanded some movie soundtracks for wedding merriment. 


The agency further emphasised that movies soundtracks will be a big hit for underground wedding music vows in 2021. 


While the music for the popular UK movie “The greatest showman has been widely used at weddings this year”  we’re on the look for what music will be the favourite at wedding parties. 


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