Pompeo expressed hope for better relations between the US and Russia

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US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo, who is on a visit to the Czech Republic, expressed hope that there is an opportunity to improve strategic relations between Washington and Moscow.

“Hope so. We are trying to find various platforms for cooperation, ”- answered the question of Senator Tomas Jirs.

Pompeo said that as director of the CIA, he “tried to save the lives of Russians and Americans in the fight against terrorism.”

“Last week there was a meeting with Russian experts on arms control. We tried to find a solution to control the most dangerous weapons in the world, control over nuclear arsenals. The conversation was productive, ”said the US Secretary of State.

In his opinion, both states should also cooperate in the control of new types of weapons, such as hypersonic weapons.

“Wherever we see an opportunity for cooperation (with Russia”, we will strive for it, but with open eyes, “Pompeo summed up.

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