Political scientist told how Russia can overthrow Lukashenka

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Bogdan Bezpalko, a political scientist and member of the Council for Interethnic Relations under the President of Russia, commented in a conversation with the Telegram channel of journalist Abbas Juma on the news of the detention of members of a Russian PMC in Minsk. The expert recalled that in 2010, Lukashenka did something similar to the Ukrainian side, accusing him of the transit of weapons and ammunition. The main thing for Lukashenka is the power for which he is ready to do a lot, the political scientist believes.

The current detention is calculated for the pre-election mood. The Belarusian president intimidates his own citizens. “Even from the point of view of logic, one PMC platoon, even if it consists of the best fighters, is still not enough to overthrow the Lukashenka regime. This would require thousands of military personnel, ”the political scientist emphasized.

Bezpalko believes that in order to destabilize the situation in Belarus, the Russian government could use trade and economic ties. For example, to deny access to the market for Belarusian producers. Or stop supplying raw materials to refineries or gas. “Or you can simply provide large-scale media and diplomatic support to those forces that are in favor of overthrowing the Lukashenka regime,” the expert said.

In order to undermine the Lukashenka regime, so that it collapses like a house of cards, much is not needed. You don’t need a single PMC fighter for this, Bezpalko is sure.

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