Polina Gagarina, emaciated from diets, frightened the Russians: “One skeleton”

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Russian singer Polina Gagarina posted on Instagram a photo in which she appeared in a bikini on an overgrown football field. Recently, the artist told how she managed to achieve success in the fight against excess weight, and she delighted fans with her athletic and fit figure. But after the appearance of new shots, Gagarina’s fans began to worry.

Gagarina’s photo shows protruding ribs. “Paul, blink once if you are not fed”, “What is it, I’ll go eat, Lord”, “Just one skeleton”, “Losing weight is too much. You can study the entire anatomy from the photo “,” You are already too thin, you are such a beauty, and some kind of thinness is painful “,” Fields, dear, you need to get better for your health “, – emphasized many admirers of Gagarina.

Some sounded the alarm – the singer may start anorexia. And others tried to laugh it off that, they say, Gagarina is trying to lure a hungry football player with the help of her ribs.

Recall that earlier Gagarina talked about her diet, thanks to which she threw off 30 kg. It includes vegetable salads, brown rice, seafood and apples. The artist also trains regularly. And it weighs about 50 kg, although some media claim that it is already less.

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