Police Shoot Black Man While Detaining In Louisiana

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Police in the US state of Louisiana shot and killed a black man during the arrest, human rights activists called the incident another example of police violence. This was announced by ABC TV channel.

It is noted that the incident in the city of Lafayette was caught on video filmed by eyewitnesses. The incident was described by the American Civil Liberties Union as “a horrific incident of police violence against blacks, leading to death.”

The police noted that the guards came to the store because of a man threatening with a cold weapon. During the arrest, he tried to escape, after which the law enforcement officers tried to use a stun gun. However, a man with a knife tried to enter another store. As a result, the police opened fire, which killed 31-year-old Trayford Pellerin.

A video posted on social media shows six police officers surrounding a young man trying to enter a store. They then shoot him at least 10 times at close range. After the distribution of these footage, the state police launched an investigation into the incident.

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