Police interrupted a party at a bar in downtown Moscow

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In the center of Moscow, during a joint police raid with the staff of the Association of Administrative and Technical Inspections (OATI), a bar was revealed that was open after 23:00, violating coronavirus restrictions.

According to REN TV, the establishment was discovered at 6/8 Maroseyka, building 8. The bar worked after 23:00 to receive visitors and sell products. The chief inspector of the capital OATI, Jan Popovsky, said that the work of the institution was suspended, and the visitors were calculated and escorted to the exit.

It is noted that the institution allegedly celebrated a birthday. This is how people explained their presence in the bar. According to an eyewitness, a regular at the establishment, he came to the ball at nine to dance, but time passed quickly.

During the raid, OATI employees heard noise from a restaurant on the Arbat. However, inside the establishment, the staff of the establishment stated that the restaurant is closed and does not accept guests. At the same time, a crowd of people without outer clothing found themselves on the emergency staircase, who decided to get warm, as they had been “waiting for a taxi” for two hours.

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