Polar bear cub rescued in Krasnoyarsk Territory and transported to Moscow

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A polar bear cub in the Arctic north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory was rescued from death by rotational workers of a gold mining cooperative and sent to live in the Moscow zoo. This was reported on Friday, April 23, by RIA Novosti, with reference to the Krasnoyarsk Park of Flora and Fauna Roev Ruchey.

According to the agency’s interlocutor, in early February, the little bear nailed to the shift workers on Bolshevik Island, but when it was time to leave, people could not take her with them, and the bear cub was left alone in the Arctic desert.

As the director of the Krasnoyarsk Park Andre Gorban described the story on his Facebook page, the predator was very small and could die of hunger.

“The watch returned to the base – there are no traces, no bear cub. A disgusting feeling that they could not do anything. And then surprising and joyful news – the same bear went to another base – 40 km away. Skinny, dirty, but alive! ” – wrote Gorban.

In the Krasnoyarsk zoo, the agency was told that the bear, living with shift workers, became tame, and would not be able to survive in the wild, and would pose a real threat to people with age. Together with the regional and federal ministries of natural resources, a solution to the problem was found. The bear cub was sent to live in the Moscow zoo and is currently in the capital.

In April 2019, in the Primorsky Territory, police found a box near the road with a Himalayan bear cub inside. They reported the animal to the hunting supervision, and the game managers took the bear cub to the Center for the Rehabilitation of Tigers and Other Rare Species of the Moscow Regional Public Organization “Center“ Tiger ”.