Pokemon Go adds Pokemon Home connectivity for some players

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High-level Pokemon Go players can transfer their pals to Pokemon Home.

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As promised earlier this year, Pokemon Go started rolling out the ability to connect to the Pokemon Home storage service on Wednesday. That means you can transfer shiny Pokemon you’ve caught out in the real world in Sword and Shield on Nintendo Switch.

To start transferring, you’ll need to link Pokemon Go to your Nintendo account in the settings menu. Transferring any Pokemon will let you get a Level 100 Melmetal that can Gigantamax in Home, and lets you open the Mystery Box to catch Meltan in Go.

However, it’s a one-way transfer, so choose carefully. The option is currently only available to Pokemon Go players who’ve hit Level 40 (the highest level), Serebii.net reported, and requires energy that slowly recharges over time. The amount of energy used depends on a Pokemon’s rarity — a shiny legendary requires 9,000 of the maximum 10,000, for instance.

You can also use 1,000 in-game PokeCoins to instantly charge it up. The mobile game is reportedly having its best year ever, having generated $1 billion in revenue through in-app purchases like PokeCoins.


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