Physical education teacher from Volgograd showed perfect exercise

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Getting started is a challenge not only for students, but also for their families, who have to wake up earlier than usual. Physical education teacher at one of the Volgograd schools Denis Pulichev told how to quickly recharge in the morning for school or work.

Physical activity helps you wake up faster than any other method.

The specialist advises to perform invigorating exercises in the fresh air or in a well-ventilated area. Exercises need to be selected individually, focusing on your age and well-being.

– Difficult exercises can cause overwork, lethargy and even loss of appetite, – said Denis Pulichev in an interview “Volgogradskaya”… – Remember to breathe correctly. Many are accustomed to inhaling through the mouth, but this is wrong and even harmful. Always try to breathe through your nose so that the dust in the air lingers on the mucous membrane.

10 minutes is enough to warm up, says the teacher. It is recommended to take a contrast shower after exercise.

Denis Pugachev showed a simple mini-set of five exercises, which is equally suitable for both adults and children.

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