Petrozavodsk residents are outraged by the “killed” road to the repaired tunnel on Maxim Gorky

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After the completion of the repair of the pedestrian tunnel on Maxim Gorky, there was literally a “dead” road leading to it. And given the fact that the new railway bridge is closed to citizens until the end of August, the pedestrian tunnel is even more in demand than before.

– There is no asphalt, everything has been dug up, it is impossible to walk on heels, and it all looks unaesthetic, – complained the townswoman to our publication.

MK in Karelia appealed to the press service of the Petrozavodsk mayor’s office, where they said that the approach to the tunnel will be made during the arrangement of the station parking, which will occupy a part of the Riga Pole public garden. All these activities are specially linked to each other.

– Russian Railways will be responsible for arranging the parking. Within the framework of the project, entrances, sidewalks and pedestrian connections have been thought out. Parking is a question of this year. Now the design solutions are being finalized and active work will begin in the near future, – the press service commented.

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