Petersburgers are asked to observe the dress code when visiting Hagia Sophia in Istanbul

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After the opening of the borders, Turkey has become one of the most popular holiday destinations for Russians. But this year’s sightseeing enthusiasts will find something new. In July, the country’s most popular attraction, the Hagia Sophia, ceased to be a museum object and became a functioning mosque. Services are now held there. However, the temple is open to tourists, including those from St. Petersburg. It’s just that now you will have to observe the dress code usual for mosques – you will not be allowed inside in short skirts, tops and shorts.

According to the portal of the Association of Tour Operators, security guards monitor the observance of the dress code. Those who want to get inside the popular cathedral will have to purchase disposable scarves and robes. The cost of the “uniform” is 25 Turkish lira, that is, 250 rubles. But there is good news too. After the cathedral became a functioning mosque, the entrance fee ($ 20) was canceled.

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