Petersburg will say goodbye to Indian summer on October 4

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Saturday, October 3, will be the last day of Indian summer in St. Petersburg, leading specialist of the Phobos center Mikhail Leus said on his Facebook.

Today the city will still feel the influence of the southwestern periphery of the vast anticyclone. In case of variable cloudiness, it will do without rain, the air will warm up to 17-19 degrees.

The wind will blow from the southeast at a speed of up to 9 m / s. Atmospheric pressure will change little and will be 769 mm Hg. Art., which is above the norm.

On Sunday, October 4, autumn will come to St. Petersburg. The region will be at the mercy of a cyclone approaching from the west. The sky will be covered with dense clouds, it will rain.

Thermometer columns will show no higher than 13-15 degrees. It is assumed that the city may receive up to 20-30 mm of precipitation, which exceeds a third of the monthly norm in October.

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