Petersburg resident took part in the storming of the US Capitol

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A native of St. Petersburg took part in the protest event that ended with the storming of the US Capitol, 47news reports. The man’s name is Mikhail Vinogradov, he is 59 years old, was born and raised in St. Petersburg, and in the 1990s he moved to the United States.

Vinogradov lives in New York. When the young couple offered the frozen Americans a drink, when they heard their native speech in response, they shouted “Native people!” Vinogradov, in response, admitted that he had taken some whiskey with him to “warm up”.

The native of St. Petersburg is an ardent supporter of Trump. “Incredible, everyone is ready to hug and kiss. And nobody wears masks. These are clearly not sheep, ”he said. And he added that in the sixth decade he managed to visit the thick of things.

After the events in the Capitol, Vinogradov, however, became very upset. He is convinced that everyone was “divorced”. “The assault was provoked. The provocateurs were immediately visible … I think repressions would begin. Bye-bye, America, the one we knew, ”said the emigrant.

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