Peter the Great glacier will be restored

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In St. Petersburg, archaeologists discovered a wooden glacier from the time of Peter I. It kept food that was served on the table to the king and his entourage.

Now the glacier will be restored. The project is being carried out by the staff of the Lebedev Laboratory of Archeology, Historical Sociology and Cultural Heritage of St. Petersburg State University.

According to the head of the laboratory Elena Lebedeva, whose words are quoted by the TV channel “78”, the uniqueness of this find is obvious, since until now there are almost no buildings from the time of Peter the Great.

In the spring, blocks of ice from the Neva were piled into the glacier and covered with boards or straw. In the summer, the ice melted, and the water flowed into a special hatch and went into the ground.

Archaeologists have found only one of the glacier crowns. It is in a deplorable state – the elements have become soft, like plasticine. They had to be taken apart without touching them with hands. First, the elements were placed on a special synthetic surface, and then they were immersed in special baths with water with the addition of an antiseptic.

Archaeologists now have to build controlled heating containers to hold wood in a preservative. Later, the glacier will be rebuilt from planks and logs.

Earlier it was reported that on the shores of the Gulf of Finland in the Leningrad region, archaeologists have found a Neolithic site. This happened for the first time in the history of research in this area.

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