7 Pest Proofing Tips During the Storm Season

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Many places of the world are hard hit by storms and hurricanes every year. Canada, USA and many other parts of the world are particularly storm-hit a lot. Additional to structural and economic damage storms cause, they can also be the bell ringers of full-scale pest infestations. Pest proofing for storm season should never be neglected as it can lead to full-scale pest infestations.

Also, pest proofing may also help to keep storm gunk at bay. When you dig into it, pest proofing for storms is also not the most difficult job in the world. You only need a few tweaks to get it all done. What’s best is that you will not have to spend much money on pest proofing as well. Here are some of the best proofing tips for pests of all kinds during storm season:

1: Remove Any Standing Water Around the House Regularly

Storms bring rains. Lots of them. That means there will be standing water everywhere including the outsides of your home. Standing water is the number one attractor for mosquitoes and many other pests that follow them. You’ll do great by removing any standing water around the house.

Wait for the rains to stop and do a detailed checkup around the house. Usually, you will find standing water in puddles on pavements and floors of all kinds. Also check on roofing water channels and remove any water from there too. Any exposed standing water collections will attract pests of different kinds.

2: Focus on All Pre-Storm Pest Control

Good thing with technology advancement is that you can now get storms and hurricane reports well before they hit. Start your pre-storm pest control efforts as soon as you get one. Pest proofing includes identifying pest entry points anywhere in the house. Look for any openings in walls, windows or doors.

Seal all wall cracks, door gaps or window openings that might give way to pests to enter. Keep in mind that high winds will push pests in from the smallest of holes and openings. Use silicon to seal any gaps and cracks. Keep pests out during the storm season to stop them from infesting later on.

3: Assess Water Damage After Each Storm to Act on Termite and Ant Infestations

Water damage producing rotting wood is a great termite attractor. Termites can silently and slowly chew away through wood damaging your house integrity. Over time, termite infestation can cause major problems. Keeping these away from your home is the best way to go.

Worst thing about termites is that you may never hear or see them at all. Be sure to assess water damaged woods and replace with new pieces. Also, call your local pest control Vancouver service or for any other city you are residing in to remove termites. Don’t let the problem get out of hand at all.

4: Remove Any Stale Foods Immediately to Avoid Flies and Rodents

Mice, rats, mosquitoes, fleas, spiders and many other pests just cannot resist the temptation of foods. Stale foods are often overlooked and left to rot for days and sometimes even weeks. Waste bins during a storm season are often left unchecked. This is simply not what you want to do at all.

Be sure to visit, inspect and empty any food waste bins. During storms, bin emptying services might also not visit. This puts your house at more risk of pest infestation. Be sure to follow pest proofing protocols including cleaning out food waste bins regularly to not attract pests at all.

5: Seal Any Openings Caused by Storms Around the House

Storms often manage to cause cracks and openings in walls, windows and doors for many houses. These provide enough space for crawling or flying pests to enter houses where they can then multiply. Keep in mind that these cracks or openings might not be there before storms hit and can easily go unnoticed.

Do detailed survey of your house walls, doors and windows when each storm passes. Use silicon to seal away any newly opened cracks or replace whatever panels that are damaged. This would also stop any water from entering in case future storms hit. Even a single crack or opening can be what pests need.

6: Clean and Use Pest Sprays Regularly

Cleaning frequently is always necessary to keep pest populations from growing. During a storm season, cleaning every day becomes even more important. Cleaning outside the house is also very important during storm season. Make sure to clean windows and doors from the outside as well.

Use pest sprays wherever you can. Spray them in places where you don’t access a lot. Kill away any pests that may have entered during any storm this year. Take care of any pest problems before they become large pest infestations. Pest proofing also includes getting rid of pests during storms.

7: Call Local Pest Control Service If Needed

Sometimes, pests can run over your property sooner than you’d expect. If this is the case, be sure to call on a quality pest control Abbotsford service or for any other region that you are in. Get pests removed as soon as you can to avoid major problems.

Mice, rats, spiders and/or mosquitoes, once enter your home, become difficult to remove fully. A professional pest control service provider would know exactly how to handle which pests. Call them sooner rather than later and make your home pest proofing efforts worth it.

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