Peru: the deposed president Vizcarra will run for a deputy mandate

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Former Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra, who was dismissed by Congress in early November over an alleged corruption case that the prosecution is investigating, announced on Friday that he would run in the April legislative elections.

“The immense challenges facing Peru today demand that we once again put ourselves at the service of the people,” he said.

“I will be at the head of the list of candidates for Congress for Somos Peru (We are Peru, editor’s note) in order to continue the reforms that allow us to build a more just and equitable country”, added Mr. Vizcarra in a message on Twitter.

The former president has been invited to lead the congressional slate of Somos Peru, a centrist movement, the party said in a letter published by its president Patricia Li.

Mr Vizcarra, 57, ruled Peru between March 2018 and November 9, when Congress removed him from office appealing on a controversial constitutional article that allows for the dismissal of a president for “permanent moral incapacity “.

The populist majority in parliament then claimed he could not remain in office as he was under investigation on corruption charges. The investigation concerns alleged bribes amounting to approximately $ 600,000 that he allegedly received in 2014 in exchange for public works contracts when he was governor of the region of Moquegua (south).

Mr. Vizcarra denies the charges.

According to polls, nine out of ten Peruvians do not approve of his impeachment.

His fall sparked a serious political crisis with massive protests and weeklong police repression, which left two dead and more than a hundred injured.

The then congressman, Manuel Merino, who replaced Mr. Vizcarra as president, had to resign five days after taking office, under pressure from protesters.

Centrist MP Francisco Sagasti, 76, who voted against Martin Vizcarra’s impeachment, was later elected interim president.

Peru is holding general elections on April 11, 2021.

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