Pence did not rule out the application of the amendment to the Constitution to remove Trump

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US Vice President Michael Pence did not rule out the possibility of resorting to the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution to remove incumbent President Donald Trump from office. This was reported by CNN.

At the moment, Pence’s team hopes that he will not have to appeal to Trump’s incapacity, according to the provisions of the amendment. According to his aides, this, along with impeachment, could lead to additional risks to the security of the United States.

However, the sources of the TV company indicate that the vice president does not rule out that Trump’s actions will “become even less predictable” in his post, he will have to resort to an amendment and then he will take over as head of the White House.

A number of Democratic lawmakers have demanded the removal of Donald Trump from power based on the 25th Amendment of the US Constitution after the riots in Washington by his supporters.

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