Pediatricians check school # 15 after reports of mass poisoning

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Doctors of the children’s polyclinic department # 1 are now examining children whose parents have reported food poisoning. According to the clinic staff, there were three or four complaints from the school. Now pediatricians are finding out what exactly caused the symptoms of poisoning – ARVI or gastroenteritis.

The stomachs of several pupils of school # 15 began to ache in the evening of October 7 and in the morning of October 8. The symptoms are similar for everyone: fever, nausea, vomiting, upset stomach. Yesterday the head of the school-preschool polyclinic department №1 Nadezhda Hertsek left for the school with her own check.

According to the parents of the students of this school, the chats of the parents explode. The sick students were assigned a whole list of tests, now everyone is waiting for their results.

The school and the company that organizes catering in the Vasileostrovsky district of St. Petersburg do not comment on the situation. There is no exact data yet about what exactly the children are sick with. But, as the company assured, if it turns out that the schoolchildren were poisoned by the school lunch, the company will check.

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