Pavel Durov revealed the secrets of preserving youth

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Telegram founder Pavel Durov named seven rules on his birthday that help you look younger. He published such a post on Saturday, October 10, in his Telegram channel.

Durov, according to him, decided to satisfy the curiosity of his subscribers, how he at his 36 years “manages to look younger than his age.” He himself, he claims, asked the same question to other people who look younger than their age – from American actor and rock musician Jared Leto to the occasional fitness trainer “who looks 25 at 50.”

As a result, he formulated seven main secrets of youth: avoiding alcohol and other addictive substances. At the same time, Durov made “rare exceptions”, but noted that their consumption makes people “less healthy and looks older”; healthy sleep during the working week, in his opinion, “sleep on weekends” cannot replace it; moderate food consumption, as overweight gains years and is “associated with dozens of diseases.” Durov himself noted that he usually eats once or twice a day, without snacks; moderate but regular physical activity; minimizing stress, for example, believing that everything is happening for the best and not giving a damn. The businessman also advised to live close to nature; do not eat red meat; live alone. By this, Durov understands the rejection of “unhealthy social norms” and “the independence of personal life.”

The founder of the social network himself said that he has been following these rules for more than ten years. The most difficult thing for him, due to the specifics of his work, was to sleep more.

On August 5, Durov denied rumors about the full or partial sale of Telegram.

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