Party “New People” completed collection of signatures

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The New People were the first of the non-parliamentary parties to submit their signatures to the Election Commission of the Ryazan Region. This was reported in the regional office.

In total, about 26 thousand signatures were collected for the political association: for the party and single-mandate candidates.

Hundreds of supporters, volunteers, activists and candidates from the “New People” personally walked to the apartments of residents of the Ryazan region. The future deputies communicated with the population, adding the most exciting issues to their election program.

Representatives of the Cossacks, large families, veterans of the Great Patriotic War rendered active support to the “New People”. All the members of one of the HOAs in Novomichurinsk put their signatures for the party.

At the moment, branches of the New People party are registered in 55 regions of Russia. About 600 candidates will take part in the elections in 12 constituent entities.

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