Parents’ Saturday October 10: Do’s and Don’ts

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In 2020, Pokrovskaya parental Saturday falls on October 10. Unlike the universal parental Saturdays, it is customary to pray on Pokrovskaya not only for deceased relatives.

There are several dates in the Orthodox calendar that precede Christian holidays and serve as memorials. These days people are massively praying for the souls of those who have passed away.

The funeral Saturday is held before the Intercession, which the faithful will celebrate on October 14.
On October 10, it is customary to arrange a commemoration, to put in order the graves and leave them treats, thus saying goodbye until spring.

The clergy recommend visiting the temple on this day and praying for the dead, and a memorial meal at home.

Unlike the universal parental Saturdays, on Pokrovskaya one remembers all close people, and not just relatives.

One of the most important traditions that people still try to adhere to on this day is that women in position should not visit cemeteries on this day.

It is believed that on parental Saturday one should not remember the dead with a bad word, as well as cry about him. For other days, it is worth postponing hard work: this day should be devoted to going to church and praying.

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