Panin announced the receipt of a residence permit in Spain

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Russian actor Alexei Panin told Instagram that he received a residence permit in Spain.

He accompanied his application with a photograph showing a passport with a Category D visa, allowing him to enter the country despite closed borders.

“Even yesterday, on this occasion, I got drunk <...> I didn’t drink for two months, but getting a residence permit became a great reason. The borders are closed, but now I’m free !!! Hooray!!!” – wrote Panin.

Previously, the actor has repeatedly spoken about his desire to leave Russia. In particular, in April he called the country “dirty, criminal and homophobic,” and the Russians – the most evil people in the world.

On February 7, Panin advised Russian citizens to sell kidneys and apartments in order to emigrate from the Russian Federation. According to him, in this country in the coming years “it is not worth waiting for something good.”

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