Paid tests and loss of earnings for those returning to Germany from risk areas

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Take a coronavirus test for travelers entering Germany returning from risk areas countries with a high infection rate is no longer free. The opportunity to take a free test upon return from risk regions, introduced this summer, ended on Tuesday, December 15th.

This is regulated by a recently announced regulation of the Federal Ministry of Health. Previously, vacationers abroad could get tested for free in order to shorten the mandatory quarantine period upon their return to Germany. Thus, the rules for returning from risk regions are even more stringent.

Anyone who makes an “avoidable trip” to risk areas will also no longer receive compensation for lost earnings during the quarantine. This rule does not apply to those who are forced to travel to risk areas due to “exceptional circumstances”, such as the birth of their own children or the death of close relatives.

The list of countries and regions classified as risk zones for tourists from Germany is indicated on the website of the Robert Koch Federal Institute.

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