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Times Opinion is teaming up with Kara Swisher on a new podcast about power and influence. She’s taking on C.E.O.s, senators, actors and activists — plus upstarts and gatekeepers you might not yet know but need to hear from. How did these people get power? How do they actually use it? And how does their power shape your life?

Every Monday and Thursday, from New York Times Opinion.

Kara Swisher is a contributing Opinion writer and host of “Sway,” a new twice-weekly podcast. She rose to prominence as an early reporter in technology on the dawn of the internet age, having co-founded The Wall Street Journal’s “All Things Digital” and, later, “Recode,” which was sold to Vox Media in 2015. Her journalism focuses on change and changemakers, and some of her hits in The Times include Jeff Bezos’ exposure (literally), President Trump’s attack on powerful women, and Fox News’s liberal relationship with the truth. She is an editor at large of New York Media, executive producer of the Code Conference and, by her own description, a “sparkly vampire.”

“Sway” is hosted by Kara Swisher; produced by Nayeema Raza, Heba Elorbany, Matt Kwong and Vishakha Darbha; edited by Adam Teicholz and Paula Szuchman; and sound-designed by Isaac Jones.

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