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Yulia Ogloblina, chairman of the commission of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation for the development of the agro-industrial complex, said that she had not proposed introducing food ration cards for the poor in Russia. She explained that her initiative is aimed only at targeted and targeted assistance to the Russians. She announced this on Monday, December 21.

“This is not about the introduction of the rationing system, as we had in Soviet times. We are talking about targeted assistance to low-income citizens, targeted support, “Ogloblina quoted TASS as saying.

She noted that the Ministry of Industry and Trade had previously come up with a similar initiative, and the Public Chamber decided to return to the issue.

“In a number of regions there is such a measure of support <...> I would like that in this difficult moment for people, in a pandemic, such targeted support would appear for all citizens of the poor. Because it is good to regulate prices for basic products, but for many they are not available at such prices. Actually, our initiative was connected with this, ”Ogloblina explained.

According to her, the Public Chamber will discuss the initiative in detail before sending it to the government.

Earlier, on December 21, it was reported that Ogloblina sent to the government a proposal to introduce food ration cards and social meals for the poor in Russia due to the rise in the cost of basic products.

In mid-April, food manufacturers and suppliers in Russia came up with an initiative to introduce food ration cards for citizens in need.

In September, such a proposal was made by deputies from the LDPR faction in the State Duma.

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