One-year-old toddler killed at home by stray bullet

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A little boy had a tragic end this week when he was killed by a stray bullet while sleeping.

Young Zykier Young was sleeping peacefully earlier this week at his parents’ home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when he was hit by a projectile in the head.

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the bullet would have gone through a window, then two walls before reaching the child.

Called to intervene in a shooting, the police quickly discovered the injured child.

Without waiting for paramedics, they drove him to the nearest hospital, with officers trying to control his bleeding in their patrol.

Admitted in critical condition, the toddler succumbed to his injuries a little later.

“Zykier Young should never have died,” Police Chief Scott Schubert told local media.

“I am wholeheartedly with his family. I can’t even imagine what she’s going through right now. Dying a child this way makes no sense. “

Despite the ballistic elements, the description of a suspect and other evidence, the police have not made any arrests to date.

According to investigators, who are asking for help from the population, neither the child nor his family were targeted by the shootings that day.

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