One of the largest telescopes will start working on Lake Baikal in March

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The Baikal neutrino telescope, the largest in the Northern Hemisphere, will start operation in March 2021. Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR), Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Grigory Trubnikov spoke about this on Monday, February 8.

Trubnikov noted that with the help of a telescope, which is now being completed on Lake Baikal, Russian scientists plan to better understand the processes of the appearance and evolution of the Universe.

According to the academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the construction of the telescope is going on at the 106th kilometer of the Circum-Baikal Railway. The developers intend to make Baikal the largest telescope in the Northern Hemisphere.

“In fact, in our country one more scientific installation of the megascience class will soon appear, which will become an important contribution of JINR to the program of scientific megaprojects in Russia. The Baikal large-scale neutrino telescope should begin work in March, and this will be one of the landmark events in the program of the Year of Science and Technology – 2021, ”he said in a conversation with TASS.

There are only a few neutrino telescopes in the world. Their task is to investigate signals from high-energy particles of neutrinos that fall on Earth from the bowels of galaxies when they appear or disappear. Experts are confident that neutrinos carry invaluable information about objects and can shed light on the mystery of the origin of the universe.

In December 2020, a radio interferometer from three telescopes was put into operation in Russia. A new system for determining the exact ground coordinates was created by scientists from the Institute of Applied Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. With the help of the invention, it is possible to fix the uneven rotation of the Earth and the deviation of the shape of the planet from the geometry of the ball.

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