On the Don, an eight-meter oak collapsed in the middle of the courtyard, blocking the sidewalk

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A huge tree fell in the middle of a courtyard in the Rostov region. The incident happened on August 12 at about 13:00 in Kamensk-Shakhtinsky.

The oak has been growing for many years near the five-story residential building number 69, on Krupskaya lane. The trunk of the tree in girth was more than one meter, and reached a height of all eight. Residents from the fourth floor could see the top of the plant without any obstacles.

It was only a matter of time before the trunk of an oak tree would crack with age. This is exactly what happened in the end – right at the base, the tree broke and fell in the middle of the yard, right on the sidewalk. All roads were closed for passers-by.

Nobody was hurt as a result of the accident. Residents cannot believe in surprise that the tree collapsed parallel to the building without hitting the balconies. Otherwise, the consequences could be dire.

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