On the air, the governor spoke about the construction of roads in the Smolensk region

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On Thursday, August 6, the head of the Smolensk region held a joint live broadcast on Instragram with the head of the Smolensk region Olga Pavlyuchenkova.

During an online meeting, the governor answered questions from residents of the area. One of the topics raised was road construction.

As Olga Pavlyuchenkova said, over the past 2.5 years, the Smolensk region received 420 million rubles for the design, repair and construction of roads. She stressed that this has never happened in the entire history of the region.

299 million of this amount – funds for the repair of rural roads. This year, part of this money has already been allocated for road repairs.

We separately touched upon the improvement of the quality of the road in the new microdistrict Altukhovka.

This year, the municipality was promptly allocated money for the design of this complex object, which will connect Kiselevka in the area of ​​Rylenkov Street with the federal highway. Thus, in the Industrial District there will be an exit to the federal highway “Smolensk-Bryansk”.

“I’m not sure that everything will work out next year, because the entire road passes through private land. There will be a complicated buyout procedure, but we will cope, ”said the head of the Smolensk region.

Further, the governor told the broadcast participants that the construction of the road towards the village of Pronino would begin on 25 August.

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