On Sakhalin, vacationers found an unidentified creature on the beach

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After a storm on Sakhalin, vacationers found the carcass of a mysterious creature on the beach and photographed it. The pictures were published on August 11 by Instagram account Incident65.

In appearance, the creature resembled a dolphin several meters long with a beak on its face. As the publication “Sakhalin and Kuriles” writes, scientists from the branch of the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO), who intend to take samples, have already become interested in the pictures.

Also, scientists have noted that, presumably, it is a floater or beak. These creatures live at depths off the coast of Sakhalin, but they are rarely thrown out. It is difficult to accurately determine the type of sea animal from a photograph, for this it is necessary to conduct an appropriate study.

Earlier on August 11, it was reported that netizens discovered on a Google satellite map 160 km off the coast of Antarctica a mysterious “ice ship” measuring 122 meters, some even suggested that it was a secret Nazi ship.

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