On Nikon’s day, December 24, they will find out whether a wish will come true or not

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Today the church commemorates Saint Nikon, who was a monk of the Pechersk monastery. He lived in the 11th century and suffered for the Christian faith.

On this day, it is customary to go to church and pray to the monk in order to calm the soul.

On Thursday, December 24, you can find out if your wish will come true in the near future. To do this, you need to break off a branch from any apple tree and make a wish. The branch is placed in the house in a warm place. If at least one leaf blooms before Christmas, then the wish will soon come true. The blooming apple tree is considered the most wonderful sign, which promises a great miracle and happiness in the near future.

What not to do on December 24, on the feast of Nikon Pechersky:

– do household chores in the evening;

– swear, quarrel, scold;

– walking in dirty clothes;

– drink alcohol;

– to guess;

– hunt and fish.

On this day, they ask for forgiveness, make wishes, believing that they will certainly come true.

Today, December 24, the name days are celebrated by Daniel, Aifal, Ivan, Emelyan, Luke, Leonty, Peter, Nikolai, Emil, Yan.

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