On frosty days, the homeless are rescued by benefactors, and truckers – by the traffic police

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The frosts that have covered the Kostroma region in recent days raised the question of how those who are not at home will survive these days. Especially for those who have no home at all, that is, homeless people.

As usual, Alexander Pushkarev, the chairman of the Resurrection COOO, took up their rescue. The shelter he founded these days has turned into a heating point, where those who have nowhere else to go are escaping from the cold – and those who still have somewhere to go were given extra warm socks to avoid frostbite on their feet.

But private charity is good … but not enough. Especially when it comes to the roads on which truck drivers now have to travel. For them, the Kostroma traffic police department deployed rescue and heating stations on two routes: M8 (Moscow-Arkhangelsk) and R 243 (Kostroma-Sharya-Perm).

Here, in insulated tents, drivers can receive hot meals and, if necessary, first aid. One such tent can accommodate up to 20 people.

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