Olympiads are held in Pyatigorsk and trees are planted

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At a working meeting in the administration of Pyatigorsk under the leadership of the head of the city Dmitry Voroshilov, the current issues of the city’s life were discussed. The meeting was attended by heads of committees and departments of the mayor’s office, heads of municipal institutions, utilities and resource-supplying enterprises.

The educational sphere became the first item on the agenda. All schools and kindergartens in the city work in full-time mode in compliance with the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor. According to the ongoing monitoring of morbidity, there is no reason to close educational institutions for quarantine, according to the schedule, the autumn school holidays will begin in November.

In the meantime, the first stage of the All-Russian Olympiad for schoolchildren is being held in schools. This academic week focuses on disciplines such as law, computer science, economics, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Work is actively underway at the Olympic Reserve Sports School No. 2, Gymnasium No. 11 and in the nursery school in the village of Konstantinovskaya, where the staff has already been recruited; for opening, only a commissioning certificate is required.

Also at the meeting, a number of issues were discussed on social payments, the implementation of national projects, the implementation of the improvement of urban areas. The head of Pyatigorsk, Dmitry Voroshilov, expressed gratitude to all the participants in the gardening campaign held last Saturday. 690 new trees have been jointly planted in the city.

On the upcoming Saturday, October 17, all those who are not indifferent can take part in a citywide clean-up, including greening their local areas. To obtain seedlings, you must submit an application to the territorial service of your microdistrict.

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