Oil and Gas Courses in UAE

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As the oil and gas industries are one of the major drivers of job creation and rapid economic growth in the UAE. Many young students are exploring this as a profession. Oil and gas are the key ingredients for generating domestic electricity in UAE. It is also a significant source of revenue for the country. However, due to the highly competitive nature of the oil and gas industry. Only the best and experienced professionals are attracted to work for oil and gas companies. Hence, there is an urgent need for students to undertake oil and gas courses in UAE. And obtain the necessary qualifications as soon as possible.

Talking about oil and gas courses in UAE

The first step towards taking up oil and gas courses in UAE is to ensure that you have completed your secondary education. If you hold a bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, you can pursue a Ph.D. from monelevate.com. in petroleum engineering from a reputable university. Some of the leading universities in the UAE are the Dubai Madinat Jumeriah University, Emirates University, Al-Hawa International University, and Fujairah Princess University. You can also opt to complete an MBA with oil. And gas specialization from one of the many reputable colleges in the region. If you do not want to pursue an MBA. You can begin your education by joining one of the many nongovernmental organizations in UAE that provide practical training on related subjects.

After you complete your education and get licensed

You can look for oil and gas courses in UAE that suit your schedule and experience. There are several colleges, universities and institutions that offer educational programs related to this field. Most students start their course at the Al-Azhar University in Egypt. The program lasts for two years and students get both theoretical and practical instruction in this discipline. During the study period, students can choose to participate in a range of short-term programs or complete a full degree program. The major areas of focus for these courses are chemical engineering, petroleum engineering, and geology.

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For students who wish to continue their education after obtaining their first degrees in this field. There are several institutes in the UAE offering advanced courses in petroleum engineering. The number of institutes offering oil and gas courses is increasing as students find this field very attractive. Some of the top oil and gas courses in UAE are provided by the National University of Dubai (Nouman & Islamic Business School) and the Fujairah Economic Centre.

National University offers several programs for oil and gas courses in UAE

The National University of Dubai offers several programs for graduate and postgraduate students. The school has branches in the United Arab Emirates, Gulf States, Britain, and France among other locations. The other branches of the school are located in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, Canada, and Germany. The students studying at the NUD can choose from the following subjects: Foundations of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, petroleum, and fossil fuels and Energy. The subjects differ with the location of the school.

The Fujairah Economic Centre offers both on-campus and online programs. The institutes also have branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The programs offered are both Bachelors and Masters in the fields mentioned above. The subjects include Foundations of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Technology, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum, and Fossil Fuels and Energy. The other branches of the school are also offering a number of courses in various disciplines. That may be suitable for students studying towards a career in the oil and gas sector.

The National University of Kuwait offers a number of programs for students

These programs cover a variety of topics in civil and environmental engineering, petroleum and fossil fuels, and energy. The subjects include Foundations of Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Materials Science and Technology, Energy, Physics and Chemistry. The program also covers computer applications and the use of the Internet. Students may complete their program in less than five years.


There are also a few institutes in the UAE that offer foreign students a chance to study in their domestic curriculum. The curriculums offered in these programs are normally more targeted towards the students’ domestic countries and so the syllabus of the oil and gas courses UAE is also usually narrower. However, these programs will give you an opportunity to experience the life of an employee working in the oil and gas industry. Most of these programs also provide students with work experience. That can be valuable when they apply for jobs after graduation. For detailed information on the programs of the several institutes that offer oil and gas courses in the UAE. You can contact the Gulf Affairs Office at the Department of Commerce.