Dodon named three possible scenarios for the development of the situation in Moldova

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The Chairman of the Party of Socialists believes that there are three possible scenarios for the development of the political situation in Moldova. Igor Dodon voiced them as part of a program on a public TV channel. The first scenario – Maya Sandu “descends” from heaven to earth and implements the decision of the Constitutional Court. In this case, she signs a decree on the appointment of Durleshtyanu as prime minister. Then, within a maximum of 15 days, the government will be approved in Moldova. This is the best scenario for all of us, for the country. By the way, many people have recently supported him: both right-wing experts and Western ambassadors. The second scenario – Sandu flatly refuses to comply with the decision of the Constitutional Court. Then we will find ourselves in an uncertain situation for a sufficiently long period, which can be solved in different ways. But in the second scenario, we will be left with an acting government without a prime minister, without early elections in the next 2 years – until the next parliamentary elections in 2023. Such an outcome is possible, since the president of the country does not have the opportunity to dissolve the parliament if there are no constitutional prerequisites for this, and according to constitutional norms, she needs to nominate a candidate for prime minister again. But it cannot, according to yesterday’s decision of the Constitutional Court, nominate another candidate, except for the one proposed by the parliamentary majority. Therefore, the second scenario is possible, but then there will be nothing: no referendum, no early elections. This government will be there until 2023, after which the parliament will be dissolved and the next parliamentary elections will be held. The third scenario is even more complicated – with total destabilization, with mass protests, with the situation getting out of control. In this case, it is unclear what will happen next.