NYT journalist spoke about F-16 fighters at the airport in Ganja

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Christian Tribert, a journalist for the American newspaper The New York Times, stated that at least two F-16 fighters were deployed on the territory of the airport in the Azerbaijani Ganja, the use of which in the Karabakh conflict is denied in Baku.

He published in Twitter satellite image of the airport from October 3, which, he said, shows these military aircraft.

Tribert suggested that the fighters are most likely operated by the Turkish Air Force, along with possibly a CN-235 freighter.

According to the journalist, this conclusion was made as a result of comparing the visual characteristics of a number of aircraft – including those operated by the Azerbaijani Air Force MiG-21, MiG-29, Su-25, L-39. He explained that the image also shows a larger aircraft, which “is most likely a CASA CN-235 transport aircraft also used by the Turkish Air Force.”

“F-16 fighters can signal the increased participation of a larger power – Turkey – in the resumption of hostilities between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh. Turkey-backed Syrian mercenaries are already fighting side by side with Azerbaijani troops, ”added Tribert.

Earlier, the press secretary of the Armenian Ministry of Defense Shushan Stepanyan stated that the Turkish F-16 shot down the Armenian Su-25 in the airspace of Armenia. This information was denied in Baku and Ankara.

Another aggravation of the military conflict in Karabakh took place on September 27. Armenia and Azerbaijan blamed each other for shelling and death of civilians. Martial law and mobilization have been declared in Karabakh and Armenia. Partial mobilization has been announced in Azerbaijan, martial law has been introduced in some cities, Gazeta.ru writes.

Yerevan believes that Turkey is helping Azerbaijan.

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