Nutritionists found it permissible to drink a couple of glasses of champagne for the new year

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On New Year’s Eve, you can drink one or two glasses of champagne, in such quantities the drink will be beneficial, as it will give a positive psychological effect. However, exceeding the norm can harm, according to doctors interviewed by RIA Novosti.

“You can afford one or two glasses at the festive table on New Year’s Eve,” said Fatima Dzgoeva, a nutritionist at the National Medical Research Center of Endocrinology of the Russian Ministry of Health, PhD in Medicine, on Monday, December 21.

According to Anna Koshechkina, a researcher at the Federal Research Center of Nutrition and Biotechnology, Candidate of Pharmaceutical Sciences, small doses of sparkling wine relaxes, energizes, has an important psychological effect, as the festive mood rises. At the same time, if a person cannot limit himself to a couple of glasses, he must be prepared for the positive component of the drink to turn into harm.

Koshechkina noted that sparkling wine “hits the head” faster than other alcoholic beverages because of carbon dioxide, which accelerates the intoxication process.

Sparkling wine should not be drunk by people with chronic diseases, pregnant and lactating women, adolescents, as well as people with individual intolerance to this drink.

“If a person has contraindications to the use of sparkling wine, then it can be replaced with lemonade or carbonated water with apple juice, so that the color looks like sparkling wine,” the expert said.

Earlier, on December 18, psychiatrist-narcologist of the Ministry of Health of Russia Evgeny Brun named two reasons for drinking alcohol. According to him, this can be done “ritually in some rare cases”, for example, on New Year’s Eve, or for medicinal purposes “with tea or tablespoons.”

At the same time, he stressed that the permitted dose of alcohol is “zero.”

Earlier, on December 17, doctors warned Russians against mixing alcoholic beverages. Combining grain and grape alcohol should be especially avoided.

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