Nutritionist urged not to eat cherries in large quantities

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Despite the fact that cherries contain many useful substances, it is not worth eating in large quantities, as this can negatively affect health. This was announced on August 7 by a nutritionist, member of the National Society of Nutritionists Olga Dekker.

“We can afford cherries, but after the main meal. Then we will not eat much, because we will already be full, “- quotes her words” Arguments and Facts “.

Sour cherries can cause heartburn. Sweet cherries should not be eaten if you are allergic to these fruits. It is recommended to abandon it in case of exacerbation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and food poisoning.

According to the nutritionist, cherries are best added to cottage cheese, sour cream, or yogurt. No more than 100 grams of cherries can be eaten after the main meal, which consisted mainly of proteins and fats. A large serving of cherries can lead to indigestion and diarrhea.

“Fruits and berries are healthy, but they still contain carbohydrates. Therefore, we must understand the volume that we can afford, ”she said.

Earlier on Friday, nutritionist Marina Makisha told Izvestia that the most beneficial properties are contained in brown rice and unrefined basmati rice.

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