Nutritionist named the best marinade for barbecue

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Nutritionist Margarita Koroleva called pomegranate juice the best marinade for barbecue. According to her, it makes the meat soft while retaining all its nutritional value.

The nutritionist clarified that this method of pickling will help the body to digest meat more easily.

“There can also be red wine, some berry liqueurs, lemon juice and other citrus fruits. It is good to add some aromatic herbs, spices, “- said the doctor in a conversation with the agency” Moscow “.

According to Koroleva, the main thing for the marinade is that it does not contain a lot of salt and vinegar. She also does not advise buying a ready-made shish kebab with an unknown composition.

Earlier, on April 24, the chef Petr Pakhomov called for caution with soaking meat in yoghurts and ketchup, as they contain a lot of sugar. Pakhomov emphasized that the barbecue can become charred due to such a marinade. It will also stay moist on the inside as the sugar burns quickly.

On April 19, nutritionist, member of the Union of the National Association of Clinical Nutrition Anna Ivashkevich said that one should not eat more than 200-300 g of barbecue per meal.