Nutritionist dispelled the myth of the absolute benefits of honey

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Often, high expectations are associated with honey and various useful properties are attributed to it, but this product should not be consumed by all people. This was stated by nutritionist Mikhail Ginzburg.

“It is believed that honey contains a large amount of biofactors that stimulate regeneration, have some kind of bactericidal or virucidal effect. This is usually not true, “Ginzburg said in an interview with Zvezda TV on January 13.

He noted that the use of honey is contraindicated for children under three years old. In addition, a similar recommendation was made to people with obesity, hypertension, problems with blood pressure, and fatty liver hepatosis.

The doctor emphasized that an individual approach is required for people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. According to Ginzburg, honey irritates the stomach lining.

“For some, honey can aggravate diseases, for example, of the pancreas or gallbladder. Although this is not the most dangerous product for people with pancreatitis, here we are more afraid of fatty. If a person has such a reaction, it is better for him to refrain from honey, ”added the diaetologist.

In August, the expert of the National Association of Nutritionists and Nutritionists, nutritionist Daria Rusakova also added that people with diabetes should absolutely not eat honey, as it can cause jumps in blood glucose levels.

At the same time, in the same month, scientists at Oxford University in the UK confirmed the effectiveness of using honey for ARVI. According to them, honey is more effective in relieving sore throat, and is also 36% better at coping with coughs than drugs, and reduces the severity of coughs by 44%.

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