Novosibirsk heat on August 13 will ease slightly

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In the last couple of days, the expression “urban jungle” has been filled with a new meaning in Novosibirsk: the heat above 30 degrees and high humidity have really turned the city into a tropical one. However, the climate is gradually returning to the statistical norm, on Thursday in Novosibirsk moderate + 23 … + 25 and small short-term rains – everything is as it should be in Siberia in August.

It will be cloudy on Thursday all day, but the rains in Novosibirsk are more likely in the afternoon, and they will last, with short breaks, until late at night. The West Siberian Hydrometeorological Center does not exclude the possibility that thunderstorms will thunder here and there in the city, but most meteorological services do not share its fears. Most likely, the trend will spread to Friday – the rains will continue and it will get even cooler.

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