Novak Djokovic apologized for the incident at the US Open

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Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic commented on Instagram about his disqualification from the US Open.

On Sunday, in the fourth round match, the Serb, frustrated by the loss of his serve, aggressively hit the ball, hitting the neck of a woman – line judge, after which she fell. As a result, the tournament management decided to disqualify the first racket of the world.

“I am saddened and devastated by this whole situation. I checked how the line judge feels, and judging by the information received, she is fine, thank God. <...> I’m really sorry that I caused her such stress. It was not intentional, ”Djokovic wrote.

At the same time, he stressed that he would take out “an important life lesson” from the disqualification in order to continue to grow and develop as a person in the future.

In addition, the Serbian athlete apologized to the organizers of the US Open, and also thanked his fans and loved ones for their support.

Earlier it became known that after disqualification, Djokovic will lose all rating points earned in the US Open, and in addition to other penalties, he will lose all prize money earned in the tournament.

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