“Nochlezhka” for the homeless is planned to open in Pskov

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In the regional center, they plan to open a “shelter” for people who have been left homeless and forced to live on the street. The social rehabilitation center is going to be opened in a building at 21 Truda Street, according to the White Flower help group.

The activists plan to arrange there not only beds and a bathroom, so that homeless people can spend the night, dine and wash, but also have breakfast, wash their belongings, and also get advice from a doctor, lawyer and psychologist.

“We hope that we will be able to organize the work of a social worker who will supervise them, help them find jobs, restore documents, etc. According to Nochlezhka, 60% of people are returning to normal life. I would like to organize this work in our city, ”the community notes.

The difficulty, according to Aleksey Pavlov, the coordinator of the project for helping the homeless at the White Flower help service, is that the 90-square-meter room has not been renovated. “It takes a lot of money and effort,” reads the message. In this regard, the authors of the idea organized a fundraising, and at the same time they are looking for assistants – volunteers who could help with the arrangement of Nochlezhka in their free time.

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