Newborn abandoned at an airport: parents identified

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Doha | Qatar announced Monday that it had identified the parents of the newborn baby found in early October at Doha airport, a discovery that prompted airport officials to force passengers to undergo gynecological examinations, causing a scandal.

“The investigations revealed that the mother of the infant (…) threw the newborn in a trash can in the toilets of the departure terminal of the airport and boarded the plane to its destination,” said the prosecutor. of Doha, in a press release.

According to him, the parents of the baby – a girl – are from “Asian countries”. Qatar generally uses this qualifier for people from South Asia, where a large number of immigrant workers come from in this small state.

He specified that steps had been taken to “arrest the fugitive” – ​​who is abroad and who faces fifteen years in prison – by qualifying her as “condemned”, which could suggest that she was judged in absentia.

Two sources in Doha told AFP that the Qatari authorities had seized Interpol for his arrest.

Passengers – including two British and at least thirteen Australians – from ten Qatar Airways planes departing from Doha were subjected to gynecological examinations after the baby was found in the airport toilet on October 2. It was for the airport authorities to determine if any of them had recently given birth.

Qatar, which faced a flood of international criticism after the revelation of the forced examinations at the end of October, announced a few days later that those responsible for the “violations” would be brought to justice.

The mother “had a relationship with a person also having the nationality of an Asian country and this relationship resulted in the infant who was found”, also specified the prosecutor, specifying that the father had “admitted having had a relationship with the mother of the newborn ”.

According to the prosecutor, the mother “sent him a message with a photo of the newborn baby just after the birth” and told him that she had thrown the baby out before leaving the country.

DNA analyzes confirmed the identity of the parents. All expatriates settling for a long period in Qatar are required to donate a large amount of blood during the administrative process.

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