New Risk Areas in Germany Named: Authorities Introduce Radical Restrictive Measures

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More and more German cities, following Berlin, are becoming risk zones. The rate of dynamics of infection over the past seven days has been growing in cities in Bavaria. For example, according to the Robert Koch Institute in the cities of Memmingen and Rosenheim, as well as in the regions of Fürstenfeldbruck and Regen, the critical limit of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within seven days has been significantly exceeded, the regional health department said on Sunday. The border has also been exceeded in other regions of Germany.

In Rosenheim, Bavaria, 70.8 infections per 100,000 inhabitants were detected during the week. In the Fürstenfeldbruck region, the coefficient was 64.3, in Memmingen – 56.7, and in the Regen region – 60.7. The capital of Bavaria, Munich, is approaching the red zone with a coefficient of 48.6. Prime Minister Markus Söder urged residents to be as responsible as possible in complying with the rules to combat coronavirus.

The incidence rate for the week was also exceeded in Essen. The Ministry of Health of North Rhine-Westphalia said that in the city of almost 600,000 inhabitants, the incidence rose to 57.3 on Sunday. Essen authorities have imposed drastic restrictions on events.

In Swabian Stuttgart, the regional health office has registered 82 new infections with the corona virus. This means that the incidence rate per week is 50.5, which is also above the critical limit. According to the authorities, radical measures will be introduced in the city. Along with the imposition of a curfew, it is planned to declare restrictions on alcohol consumption and a requirement to wear protective masks in the city’s central districts.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs of Rhineland-Palatinate, the situation is aggravating in this federal state. The situation is especially critical in the Neuwied area, where the coefficient reached 50, and the Kaiserslautern area with the 61 coefficient.

The Ministry of Health of Lower Saxony has also announced new risk regions in the federal state. These are County Bentheim (70.0), Emsland (52.6), Cloppenburg (103.7), Vechta (50.4), Wesermarsch (51.9) and the city of Delmenhorst (90, 3).

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