New requirements for the installation of a Christmas tree will come into force on January 1

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From January 1, 2021, when installing a Christmas tree, it will be necessary to comply with the requirements provided for by the rules of the fire regime. According to them, the tree should not obstruct escape routes, and the New Year tree should also be installed at a distance of one meter from the heating and air conditioning devices.

“The Christmas tree is installed on a stable base and should not obstruct escape routes and exits from the premises. The branches of the tree must be at least 1 meter away from walls and ceilings, ”the text of the document says.

The current rules do not provide for the requirement not to obstruct escape routes.

The new rules were adopted at the ramps of the so-called regulatory guillotine. It is noted that they will be valid until 2026, then they will be revised.

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